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We’re more than just your average staffing service, we are an experienced and inspired staffing provider where quality, accuracy and efficiency combine, to deliver exceptional personalized service to you.

Indeed, we an innovative, forward thinking and trustworthy source for all of your business staffing and healthcare staffing needs.

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By looking forward and anticipating changes to the business and healthcare employment arena, Human Resource Network is prepared for your company’s current and future staffing needs. Whether you need a temporary employee to help catch up on a backlog of work or to replace an absent employee, a group of temporary employees for a short term or long term project or the ideal match for your direct hire position, Human Resource Network is here for you. We work with you to find the employees you need, with the skills you require, who will comfortably fit into your company’s cultural environment.

Staffing Options to Choose From:

Temporary Assignment Staff:

Temporary employees work for HRN and are assigned to a client’s site for a specific time period. When we provide temporary employees, we handle all employment related tasks and responsibilities including:

  • Advertising and Recruiting from our extensive temp agency network of resources.
  • Interviewing and Position Specific Testing and Skill Evaluation.
  • Reference and Past Employment Verification
  • Employment Eligibility through SSA and E-Verify.
  • Name search through OIG database.
  • Multiple public records database searches
  • License Verification, if applicable.
  • Payroll Administration, including Federal and State tax deposits, Employer matching of FICA, Unemployment tax liability and claims.
  • Workers’ compensation and General Liability insurance.
  • Assignment / performance management (off-site).

Temporary to Direct Hire:

These candidates are subject to the same employment conditions as temporary employees and have expressed interest and availability to accept a direct hire position with a client at some point during the assignment.

Indeed, this is an excellent way to assess a candidate’s skills and “fit” with your company before making an offer of employment. This also gives the candidate the opportunity to get a feel for your office before accepting an offer, increasing the likelihood of a good match.

Additional Advantages:

  • Upon completion of the Temp to Hire Conversion or Placement, the candidate is secured by HRN’s Replacement Agreement for an additional period of time and will be replaced, if necessary.

Direct Hire:

You can rely on the expertise and commitment of our seasoned staffing consultants to find the ideal match for your  business or healthcare office. Like our other candidates, Direct Hire candidates are subject to our thorough evaluation process and have been identified to match your position requirements. To put it simply, all you have to do is choose your next hire.

Advantages and Extras:

  • These candidates are secured by HRN’s Replacement Agreement for a specific period of time and will be replaced by our staffing agency, if necessary.
  • Client’s specific testing can be incorporated into the recruitment process.
  • Additional background or pre-employment screening as required and requested by Client.  Additional charges may apply.

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Take a look at some of the POSITIONS we recruit for and place on a regular basis.    If you have a need for a position not listed here, please call us directly or CONTACT US here.  You will find that we are an excellent resource for all of your business and healthcare staffing needs.

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